Traditional Japanese Clothing for Men to Know

Traditional Japanese men’s clothing bogorupdate reflects a rich culture and fascinating history, which has survived the centuries to provide us with a unique and timeless fashion. Although modern fashion has largely penetrated everyday life in Japan, traditional clothing continues to be worn with pride at ceremonies, festivals and cultural events. In this article, we will explore the world of traditional men’s clothing, highlighting the beauty, functionality and symbolism of these iconic garments.

1. Happi

Happi is a short, straight jacket with wide sleeves, usually worn over a kimono or yukata. Happi is often made of cotton and features bright patterns and colors, reflecting a festive and joyful spirit. Happi is traditionally associated with Japanese festivals (matsuri). It is often worn by groups of people participating in parades or dances during these events.

2. Hakama

Hakama is a kind of wide pleated pants made of skin-friendly fabrics like cotton and worn over a kimono. Historically, the hakama was worn by samurai and nobles, but it has become more accessible over time. Today, the hakama is often associated with martial arts, where it is worn by practitioners of disciplines such as aikido, kendo and kyudo.

3. Zori

Zori are traditional sandals that have many characteristics related to Japanese culture. First of all, they are made with natural materials such as rice straw, bamboo, wood or leather. These sandals are comfortable and usually flat with a rigid sole and fabric straps to hold the foot in place. Zori are used by Japanese of all ages and social classes.

4. Kasa

The kasa is a traditional hat, designed to protect the wearer from the sun and rain. What makes it special is that there are several types of kasa, each with a specific shape, style and materials depending on its use and region of origin. The sugegasa, for example, is conical and woven from natural materials and is worn by farmers and others for protection from the sun and rain.

5. Jinbei

Jinbei is a casual garment usually worn by men. It is often worn during the summer months because of its lightness and breathability, and is especially popular during festivals or at home. The jinbei consists of two pieces: a short-sleeved jacket and short pants. Both pieces are made from lightweight materials that allow for better air circulation.

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